Our Process

Mutual Interview

We start by conducting a mutual interview over the phone to ensure it is a good fit on both sides. We want to learn at a high level what you, the potential client, are hoping to accomplish by working with us.

Introduction Meeting

If we both confirm there is a mutual fit, we will then schedule a complimentary meeting (virtually or in person) to go over our financial planning process and learn more specifics on your current situation and goals. After this meeting, we provide you with a confidential financial questionnaire to fill out and request that you gather vital documents necessary to get a full understanding of your current financial picture. In advance of our next meeting, we use the data collected from these documents to begin building your financial planning model.

Data Meeting

The data meeting is the most crucial step in our planning process. In this meeting, we review everything in your financial life and put it into our model. We discuss each component to make sure we have a full understanding of your current financial picture to establish your financial position at present. This is used as a baseline for future planning meetings.

Strategy Meetings

“Old” Money Meeting – After establishing your present financial position, we start by analyzing and reviewing your existing assets. We peel apart the layers to make sure you fully understand your investments and the associated costs. Based on your goals, timeframe, and risk tolerance we make data-driven recommendations.

New Money Meeting – As we continue the protection, savings, growth, debt, cash flow analysis discussions, this is where our process gets really fun! 

  • Using our model, we take a look at where you are saving and investing money to simulate your target retirement age. Then we see what it would generate in retirement income. 
  • We then start to play with “what if” scenarios. Here we change how and where you are saving money, and compare it to your current situation to see if those changes should be made. We also build in dream scenarios; college planning, a second home, taking a year off to travel the world- the possibilities of what we can plan for are endless!


If strategy changes are recommended and agreed upon, we assist you in implementing them. Our operations team works behind the scenes on your behalf to make any transitions or implementation as easy and seamless as possible.


Depending on your needs, we mutually establish your desired review schedule (i.e. quarterly, semi-annually, annual). If life changes come up during the year before your review schedule, we can meet, adjust your plan and make decisions together. Life, nevertheless financial planning, is not linear and something unexpected can always pop up; so the perfect financial plan is dynamic, flexible, series of one-year plans. If life changes come up during the year before your review schedule, we can meet, adjust your plan and make decisions together.


Our clients are more than just clients; they are an extension of our family. We love to engage with our clients and their families outside of the office through hosting appreciation events, charitable activities, recreational events, sharing meals, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee or glass of wine together in a comfortable atmosphere.

Let’s plan your future!