Culture & Careers

Sullivan Financial is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) Firm by design. We are completely independent, transparent & always operate in a fiduciary capacity; meaning we put our client’s best interest ahead of our own. We take pride in being client-centric & process-driven.

The company is built upon a foundation of building a team where each team member operates in their own Unique Ability – working within the capacity of what you truly enjoy doing, excel at & allowing you to have fun at work and also be rewarded! This allows each team member to remove the tasks that they do not enjoy doing and drain their positive energy. By building a team where everyone operates in their Unique Ability, we create a FUN atmosphere focusing on collaboration, not delegation, which ultimately enhances the client experience.

Our company culture is very important, which has a large focus on work/life balance. Our team is predominately based in-office, however we allow 2-3 work from home day per week for each team member if desired. We also understand that kids get sick, snow days happen & Covid isolation periods are likely to occur – those also can be work from home opportunities to avoid having to use PTO. The company culture focuses on having fun while providing the highest level of service to our clients.


It is important that the team, our clients & our collaborators share our Core Values: Independence, Financial Advocacy, Empowerment, Relationships, Collaboration, Transparency, Fun & Client Experience.