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Sullivan Financial is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) Firm by design. We are completely independent, transparent, & always operate in a fiduciary capacity; meaning we put our client’s best interest ahead of our own, with a legal and ethical obligation to do so. We are completely fee-based and offer no commissionable investments. Our independent structure means we have no parent company or home office setting “sales goals.” Simply put, we recommend only what is appropriate for our clients in the most cost-effective manner available. We take pride in being client-centric & process-driven by focusing on planning instead of individual products. One product is not a solution.

The company was established under this model originally before the industry started to follow suit. It was founded in 2003 by Jane’s father, David Sullivan. Jane joined in 2008 as an advisor and became Managing Partner in 2017. David retired in 2019 & Jane purchased the business and became sole owner. She is passionate about expanding the company to serve clients across the country.


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Our Philosophy

At Sullivan Financial, LLC, we offer a unique, holistic approach to financial planning and asset management. When new clients reach out to us, they all desire a financial life that performs to its full potential. Ideally, this includes long term wealth, retirement income, minimized taxes, lasting legacy, reduced cost and risk; all while being organized, flexible, and easy to control.

There are a lot of outside factors that need to be considered to prevent wealth erosion, which we refer to as the “Certain Uncertainties”. They will affect you at some point in your financial life, you just don’t know when. These include inflation, market corrections, tax law changes, interest rate changes, lawsuits, unexpected life & health changes, increased standard of living, planned obsolescence/technological change…to name a few.

The solution to building wealth successfully is not from a financial product, a rate of return, a single strategy, or one-time financial plan. If it were, the eroding factors above would destroy it. It is an ongoing complete economic process over time. Our process is designed to help clients know how financial products work in the context of their plan, make sure they are integrated and coordinated, measure performance, and compare financial decisions to avoid financial errors or omissions. Through their plans, our clients are enabled to learn effective money strategies, better protect their wealth, build wealth more efficiently, increased retirement income, maximize their legacy and most importantly – enjoy their wealth!

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