Individuals & Families


Single, Married, Divorced & Widowed

Women are often underserved in financial services. We are passionate in educating and empowering women in their personal finances and understand how to take care of themselves and their families. It is not uncommon when in a relationship that the woman may not take an active role in the family finances. We believe it is important for women to have at least a basic understanding of their family finances and financial plan, even if they are not involved in the management specifics. Medical research shows that women live longer and it is important to plan for that. As a female-led firm, it is our mission to educate and empower women financially.

Life Transitions

Divorce, Marriage, Death of a Spouse or Loved One, Birth of a Child, Leaving/Returning to the Workforce, Starting or Selling a Business, Career Change, or Retirement

Life never goes as planned, and sometimes unexpected changes can happen with little or no notice. Throughout our planning process, we are able to guide clients going through transitions effectively and help redirect their financial lives on a path of confidence that leads to fulfillment.


Pre-Retirement & Retirees

Often clients come to us either on the cusp of retirement or in the early years of retirement and ask: Am I going to be alright? Can I afford to retire? Will I run out of money?

  • Traditional financial planning often revolves about the “3% Safe Withdrawal Rate,” which we believe often either sets retirees up for failure; or puts them in a position when they aren’t enjoying their wealth out of fear of running out of money
  • We can prepare retirement income plans based on your current financial position and run various scenarios under different assumptions to set realistic expectations. We overlay outside factors that often aren’t on retirees radar for wealth erosion and develop strategies to help offset those wealth eroding factors and allow our clients to enjoy more of their wealth

Young Professionals & Families

Most financial advisors will talk about the power of compounding; the earlier start investing, the better off you will be. While that is often true, having a strong foundation and plan for the beginning phases of wealth creation lead to long-term success and avoid common traditional planning mistakes. Often clients who come to us later in life tell us they wish they had met us 20 years ago. We often work with multi generations of our client households.

LGBTQ+ Community

We celebrate diversity with pride. Legislation has evolved, thus financial planning no longer needs to be separate for couples. We can guide you through topics such as financial marriage decisions around combining assets, tax strategies, staying single and financially protected, family planning for adoption, fostering, or surrogacy, and legacy planning.

Corporate Employees in the Growth Sector

Equity compensation can be one of the biggest perks of joining a company in growth mode and can be life-changing financially – either pre-IPO or post-IPO. Navigating the different types of options and tax consequences can be complex. We can provide guidance on when and how to exercise stock options, when to sell company stock, and what tax issues you could be facing. We also can help you leverage your newfound assets to provide financial security and long-term growth. During our process, we will conceptually build strategies and consult with your CPA prior to implementing


Macro Financial Planning

Investment Management

& Asset Allocation

401(k) & Retirement

Plan Management

Endowment Investment Management

Stock Option & Restricted

Stock Unit Review

Tax Strategies

Insurance Planning – Life, Disability, Long Term Care

Debt Structuring

Risk Management

Cash Flow Management

Charitable Giving

Legacy Planning

Special Needs Planning

Money is a finite resource that cannot be wasted. We need to put your money in motion; to do as many jobs as possible.
— Jane Sullivan

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